Mosaic Words

With 16 years experience and many workshops facilitated,
Kathryn would welcome you to take part in classes that are
suited to your needs and to your mosaic project aspirations.
Vouchers can be purchased as gifts.  Discounts apply to groups.
Please enquire about any of the classes below or your own particular needs.  
Half day, full day and weekend workshops are given on
specific advanced mosaic techniques for individuals or groups.  
Scheduled on demand, they are themed to match student desires.  
Examples are below -

Substrate making workshop - full day - $245 
3 different forms made by students, notes and explanation on many other types.

Stiffening up shperes before mosaicking   Using found objects as forms  Creating substrates in a workshop

One-step method - 3 hours $120 or $40ph
Recipes and techniques for using a fast setting method.  No grouting later.

group making their sections  working in fine detail  fitting the segments together

Inlay - 3 hours $120 or $40ph
Laying tesserae in a commercial tile cavity with precision in a one step method.

Preparing the materials for the tile centre workshop participant tiles   Lisa learning inlay 

Artist in Residence - All day - $250 plus materials
Working with students in groups to create their personal components of a
larger mosaic project.  Materials vary according to the desired outcome.
Sometimes they select from a choice of colour palettes to represent themself.

Sometimes they convert their teacher lead concepts into mosaic features.
Sometimes they refine their original ideas as they respond to the materials.
Students benefit from the teamwork exercise learning to prioritise ideas.
Please feel free to enquire with any questions any time.


Each week, mosaic enthusiastists can meet at the studio in Pipers
Creek to work on and complete their individual projects.  Terms
are 10 weeks duration and commence with the first week of the
school term.  
High quality guidance ensures a creative, educational 
experience at any level, with staging to ensure a completed project.  

Session times are flexible, double lessons replace sessions missed. 
Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursday pm, Fridays or Saturday pm.

Some materials supplied.   
3 hours weekly, 10 weeks - $295

High school students choosing mosaic for their portfolios are given
drawing lessons included in their discounted fee.  

                                      3 hrs weekly, over 10 weeks - $245
Inspiration from works, books and design instruction   
Substrate workshop  Applying render to form 
Selecting materials   work in progress   finished sculpture
Please feel free to enquire with any questions any time.   

Full day workshops featuring methods and techniques that are
respectful and sensitive to the planet and its valuable resources. 

Learn how to get more from natural and commercial materials
by altering their appearance (using fire and water) and laying
tess in various ways.  Find where free materials are sourced from.

Convert found objects into substrates or construct your own in a
variety of methods.  Recycle, repurpose and value add to objects.

Gain independence and confidence to build your own website
and manage your own marketing and fundraising campaigns.

Work with tools, props and methods that don't drain your energy.
Either Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays.          
9 - 5pm  $195

Bonfire used to distort glass       selection and handling of natural resources 
Fire used for distortion           Tumbled resources              Prepared stones

recycled bicycle wheel as substrate     
Recycled bicycle wheel   Reused crockery (pique assiette)  Repurposed agi pipe
Please feel free to
 enquire with any questions any time.

Custom designing the vessel in which a love one's ashes will
be placed is a cathartic opportunity offered to those who may
be in a position to consider this option.  Sensitive support and
guidance ensures a sculpture (large or small, indoors or for
outside) is created in loving memory and that it represents the
family member well using personal items and favourite colours.

Norm having a cuppa with Mary  Faith sculpture  Dot and the @#!*% cat
Ethan fishing with sculpture  The lit frame  the loved one torso
This all white collection was created for the
Art4Ashes exhibition in
Kyneton and was on display in Federation Square in July 2011.

Vessels were individual sculptures for a workspace, 16 homes,
an adult, a teenager, an infant and an unborn feotus.
Together they stood in unison to pose the question what if?

seven ashes vessels in the daylight seven vessels for loved ones' ashes            
ashes vessels on display  sculpture made to recognise the fire in its history  Black Saturday resident with her window
The 'what if' collection     Market building that       Residents donated materials
at the exhibition in Kyneton      burned in 1995         to acknowledge their loss
November 2010                 is now fully restored     on Black Saturday in 2009

language suitable to a teenager as decorations  Unusual methods and materials like LEDs, clay casting and beads  vessel for an infant's ashes
Youthful language sums up the life of the teenager        Cot rails for an infant

Kathryn can work one-on-one with people who would like to
create a customised ashes vessel (in a term arrangement) or be
commissioned to make a sculpture after close consultation to
determine what choices reflect the personality most sensitively.  

Please feel free to
 enquire with any questions any time.


A five day course jam packed with information, hands-on activities
and demonstrations, site and shop visits and enough practical time
to design and complete a small mosaic project.  Materials supplied. 

Highlights include

  • A tour of 10 local public art installations (4 by the artist).
  • Discussion at the artist's large scale resort game boards 
  • A shopping trip to 2 additional mosaic glass studios
  • Discuss composition, colour palette and material suitability.
  • Substrate preparation of your project.
  • 2 full days of fabrication including some materials.
  • Demonstrations of tools, including hammer and hardie.
  • Glass cutting, clay forming and inlay method.
  • Micromosaic, kiln options and more.....

Presentation of images   making foam core board substrate   hammer and hardie cutting smalti  
Presentation as a visual aid       S
ubstrate demo              Hammer and Hardie 

Visit a glass mosaic studio  clay moulding, tile painting, precious gemstones  Learn fine art techniques
Glass cutting demo               Clay and gem use     Fine tweezer picture making       

The Intensive Course schedule is based around the accommodation

intake period of Friday to Friday at the
Kyneton Bushland Resort
You are encouraged to contact the resort to check availability and
arrange a holiday time that suits, then the 5 day Intensive Course 
(Sat, Mon, Tues am, Wed, Thurs) will coincide with your stay.

This is a great way for a group of friends to learn together or for
the family to occupy themselves with the many local attractions
while you are busy up-skilling and extending your knowledge.   
5 days - $545 discount of $50 for more than one participant.

enjoy mosaic chess play wildflower chess greenhood orchid
Wildflower chess depicting 32 indigenous flowers found at the resort in Spring
18 hole mini golf course mosaic pavers are placed near the tee they represent sugar glider
18 hole mini golf course with mosaic markers based on native flora and fauna
Snakes'n'Ladders mosaic game board and a pretty lake for canoeing fun
Please feel free to
enquire with any questions any time.

Half day team building workshops give employees the opportunity
to experience alternative approaches to decision making in a
collaborative exercise that unlocks their creative potential. 
Group participants produce a 'work of art'; a tangible, useful and 
appealing outcome, ready to adorn their workplace environment.

happy participants  3 men made by 3 clever women  atom participants
participants  finished!  can do people   
Large businesses looking for team strengthening and personal
development activities can develop a mosaic program to be
facilitated 'in house' at their own convenient time and location.
4 hours tuition plus all materials required, max 15  - $745

Kathryn Portelli               0407 887 498              email
Please feel free to enquire with any questions any time.