Mosaic Words

interests  and influences  on the artist

ixed Media  Love of the textural relief qualities in mixed media
combinations.  Materials are included for their variations in colour,
sentiment, contrast or shape.  The sourcing and placement in a

work keeps the mosaic alive and spontaneous with much interest.
collectors pots       Wave details by Kathryn Portelli

Order                  Cyclic rythms in nature like the seasons and the
phases of the moon, dramatic wild weather patterns, maths laws
Fibonacci, Time And Relative Dimensions in Space, yinyang, chakras.
Dalek     yin yang     Chakra Torso 'From Within'

Studio Tours         Visitors are welcomed to the studio/gallery/shop
each school term week by bus as a 'meet the artist' activity from
Kyneton Bushland Resort, and to the general public 
for the first 3
weekends of November 
as part of the Open Studios scheme (
Sculpture, jewellery, murals, cards, postcards and gift tags all for
sale.  The one-step glue/grout demonstration is always popular too.

studio of Kathryn Portelli    jewellery in studio of Kathryn Portelli

rt Galleries       Kathryn is a member of 3 artist co-operatives-
26 members at The Gallery Mount Macedon (where Kathryn is also
Works of Art in Kyneton, a recent gallery renovation.
The Gallery Mt Macedon     
Works of Art

The Gallery  Mt Macedon       Works Of Art  Kyneton
Information    Considerable research can be detailed into a project
if required. The wildflowerchess board at 
Kyneton Bushland Resort
featured 32 of the tiny native gems hugely enlarged, making the
identification easier for the holidaying tourists who go looking.

wildflowers wildflowerchess     chessboard being played

Cutting     Exploration into high definition articulation where the
infill material becomes intensely refined, in contrast to the smooth
tile background.  Computer programming ensures accurate cavities
or intricate shapes formed to then become a sculpture substrate.

   imagine bead inset   honeycomb letters

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